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About Sally Lentz

When I was a  child, my mother would say to me, "Young lady, do you think this is funny?"
Teachers would ask," What are you--a comedian?"
More than one boss pointed out, "This is serious. Is everything a joke to you?"

With all due respect to the above mentioned, the answer to all those questions is - YES!

I've worked at comedy clubs and bars. I have co-written, produced and performed in the following stand-up, sketch, interactive improv theater shows:

  • "Honk If you Remember Midriff Bulge"
  • "Not Tonight Honey, I'm Downloading"
  • "Night Of The Living Bra"
  • and "Beware the Lies Of March"

It was while I was performing stand-up at IWWG, for about three hundred women, that it hit me. Hey, my "stuff" is about us, 40 something women, so, why bother with the rest? 

I bring my comedy to women, only women. Either at corporate functions, or at just for fun, social occasions. From the board room to the rec room.  Wherever you need to lighten up and laugh. After all, I know the territory! I used to work for the government.  I've got a husband, two kids, a mother and friends who are just to too, to be anything but my friends. I've worked for the boss from hell.  I've baked the cookies, sewed the costumes, hosted the family Christmas party. I've car pooled and been a classroom "mom/helper." I've been the boss from hell.  I've stashed enough fund raiser candy bars to put a small country into diabetic shock!  I've been Ms., Mrs., mommy, mom and lately, m-ah-th-ER. I've gone through as many dress sizes as hair colors. I still get zits. 

In short, I follow the Bugs Bunny philosophy...

"Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out alive."


Sally Lentz is a published writer and member of IWWG.

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